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While most individuals will opt to make contributions to MASF online, some may want to mail in a check. Should you wish to contribute by check, please follow the instructions below:

Make checks out to: Tennessee Republican Party / MASF and indicate “MASF” in the memo line. Mail funds directly to:

Tennessee Republican Party

95 White Bridge Rd.
Suite 207
Nashville, TN. 37205

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About The MASF

Logo of the Mighty American Strike Force

Founded in 1999 during Gov. George W. Bush’s first campaign for the presidency, The Mighty American Strike Force (MASF) , is a group of devoted volunteers who, mostly at their own expense, agree to be deployed to targeted battleground states to help the GOP win the White House and critical U.S. Senate and House seats both during early voting and during the 15 critical days before each presidential general election.  MASF volunteers provide key grass roots campaign support on the local level through block walking, phone bank operations, social networking and managing political rallies.

In 2016, over 1500 volunteers enlisted and deployed, mostly at their own expense, to campaign in 13 critical battleground states.  Many astute political observers believe MASF’s efforts made the difference in helping the GOP win the White House and retain control of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House, particularly in Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa. 

The Mighty American Strike Force is currently enlisting volunteers from across the nation to deploy to critical battleground states for the 2020 General Election.

Mighty American Strike Force
P.O. Box 5039
Austin, Texas 78763-5039
(512) 694-6848